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Jeffrey Epstein USVI Heralds the Launch of the First Student Radio Station in the Caribbean.

Science philanthropist and founder of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation in New York and the USVI in St. Thomas has applauded the debut of the first college run radio station in the US Virgin Islands and the Caribbean.

The new radio station is administered entirely by students and overseen by faculty at the prestigious University of the Virgin Islands. In addition to covering local events from the college, the radio has syndicated news programs and interviews prominent figures throughout the Caribbean including most recently the governor, John DeJong Jr.

"Empowering students to take a leadership role in their education and pursuits is the quintessential motivator and propels them to learn at an accelerated rate," Jeffrey Epstein pointed out.

Indeed, many of the education programs that the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation supports in the USVI has students that are at the forefront in organizing the program such as the tremendously successful Rising Stars Youth Steel Orchestra. Based in St. Thomas, the foundation is also an ongoing an avid supporter of the US Virgin Island's Department of Education.  

The WUVI radio station was founded by Alexander Randall, Chairman of the UVI’s Department of Music, Communication, Arts and Theater. Mr. Randall developed the idea of a student run station after heading a class on radio production where students were given a weekly time on the local broadcaster Radio 1, to report news and collected opinions. Soon after, the very impressed UVI President, David Hall, approached Randall about creating a school station.

Currently, the new WUVI station has a broad base audience, reaching both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Dominica and will aim to switch over to solar-powered radio waves in the near future. "We will watch this dynamic radio team closely," Jeffrey Epstein continued, "and look forward to assisting in emulating it across the Caribbean."

The Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation supports a wide range of youth programs across the US Virgin Islands from sports to music and the arts. Jeffrey Epstein himself is a native New Yorker, a hedge fund financier, former options trader and a science and education philanthropist. In 2003, he established the prominent Program for Evolutionary Dynamics at Harvard University with a $35 million dollar gift to the university. He is a former member of the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Rockefeller University in New York, the New York Academy of Science and sits on the board of the Mind, Brain and Behavior Committee at Harvard University.




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